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About Us

Like all new moms, Tara Williamson cautiously cared for her newborn daughter with diligence and compassion. Yet unlike all new moms, Williamson was startled from a scare that took place during her 27th week of pregnancy when her daughter was nearly born too early. 8 weeks later, Williamson became a first time mom to a healthy baby girl, and remembers being told by a nurse to “Make sure everyone washes their hands before touching her – we do not want to see her back in the hospital being sick.” At first, Tara thought this would be a breeze, yet like all new moms… she was in for many surprises. Among them? The challenge to keep friends, family and even kind-intent strangers from touching her newborn.

Shocked at the quick outreach strangers, family and friends alike would have to reach for Williamson’s daughter – even just to grab her little hands for a quick hello – Williamson soon felt awkward and uncomfortable in having to tell nearly everyone to please wash their hands first. Her mind would race with thoughts of does the person have a cold? Did they just touch something that had cold germs on it? Did they touch raw food recently or just go to the bathroom? The questions went on and on. Soon, Wiliamson’s daughter was reaching for her own mouth, and that’s when Williamson created a sign that simply read “Please Wash.” After much attention, she noticed the sign was working and people were asking her where she got it. Soon, My Tiny Hands became Williamson’s second baby and was officially born.

My Tiny Hands delivers a clear message to strangers to keep their hands to themselves, while acting as a gentle reminder to family and friends to wash their hands before touching the baby. As a retailer catering to the baby, children’s, hospital, novelty and gift marketplaces, you can be among the first in your community to introduce this simple yet must have sign for every new parent. We’re certain it will be a hit in your stores and among every baby shower in the months and years ahead! 

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